When we asked CEOs and HR Directors about their biggest recruitment challenges, one clear problem emerged

Are you making the same mistake that they are?

An independent survey revealed that a staggering number of companies in the UK are repeatedly making the same recruitment mistakes, knowingly, and as a matter of routine. Are you one of them?

In this free report you can learn what recruitment headaches are causing your peers to lose sleep at night, and the key challenges they face in the hunt for the top talent.

Download it to give you a firm reference point to judge your recruitment processes and practices against, and learn how ineffective recruitment processes effect productivity and growth. Also learn:

Recruitment Challenges in 2015
  • How to re-evaluate the time you spend recruiting
  • Reduce the admin associated with recruitment 
  • Create better recruitment "goals" for your business
  • Avoid compromising on candidate quality
  • Benchmark your "mistakes" against industry norms

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